Download Net Email Validation Library Freeware

RC4.NET  v.1.0

RC4.NET is a library that adds support for encrypting/decrypting using the symmetric RC4 algorithm in the .NET environment. The library is written in C# language, and performs equally well on both the Microsoft CLR and Mono

Utility library for Inno Setup  v.1.0

Utility dll for use with Inno Setup. The functions of this library can be called from the Pascal script language of the tool Inno Setup. These functions allow to register a Windows service, detect the .NET or DirectX library version installed and so

CustomControls.Net  v.1.0 is a library written in C# and JavaScript consisting of custom controls for the ASP.NET platform. The library will typical include controls like Tabs, NumericTextbox, MenuTransformer, ExtendedDataGrid, ArrowNavigator etc. The aim is to include mo

Syndikut - Mail Me  v.Lite

Syndikut Mail Me is a Free Web based php Contact form script. Includes full checking of form fields and email validation. Simple to install just enter your email address in the config file and upload. Customize the htm templates to suit your needs.

LibUsbDotNet  v.2.2.8

LibUsbDotNet is a .NET C# USB library for WinUsb, libusb-win32, and Linux libusb v1.x developers. All basic USB device functionality can be performed through common device classes allowing you to write OS and driver independent code. LibUsbDotNet - A

AFC MySQL Contact Form  v.6.7

This Contact form is similar to our AFC Easy Contact Form in that it will send the owner the persons name, email, phone number, referred by, contact type and a question / suggestion or feedback. The form includes email validation and will goto an

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition

Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition enables you to write managed applications for the .NET Framework that take advantage of the vast number of classes in the .NET Framework Class Library, including features such as garbage collection. The Visual C++ 2005

AcSMTP - MAIL server for Windows  v.3996

acSMTP is a SMTP/POP3/IMAP mail server for Win32. May serve MX hosts and in-LAN mail. Black/white lists for IPs/Emails, RBL spam blocks, DNS Email validation, optional DBMS backend for lists and rules, custom user authorization, AntiVirus

ILCalc  v.

Small and lightweight .NET 2.0 library written in C# for quickly evaluating arithmetical expressions using interpretation or runtime MSIL

MyClassLibrary2008  v.

A C# .Net 3.5 Library I created for myself to help with common tasks. Source code and help can be found at the following address.

Shape4Net  v.1.0

Shape4net is a C# .NET hierarchical configuration library that combines and improves on the configuration techinques used in Ant, Nini, and

The Sudoku Solver  v.1.0

The Sudoku Solver is a project managed in Java programming language using open source choco ( constraint programming library which solves given Sudoku

Vxml4net  v.1.0

This is a .Net 2.0 library for writing Vxml (VoiceXML) documents. Taking advantage of the builtin IntelliSense feature in Visual Studio 2005, the library can be used to write fast and easily errorless vxml


This project provides a C# .NET 2.0 library which allows to interact with the JSON RPC and JSON API introduced in XBMC with the release of Dharma

JBA  v.1.0

This is a .Net 3.5 library that will be useful (when finished in various ways. It will have objects capable of handling things like Fixed-Field Format files. It will also contain things like useful class extensions.

WindowsAPI  v.1.0

.NET 2.0 library that provides P/invoke signatures of the WinAPI.

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